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Marco Cervi

Acetaia Cervi family balsamic, 38 years, 100ml.

Acetaia Cervi family balsamic, 38 years, 100ml.

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Family balsamic vinegar started in 1986 by my dad with Trebbiano grape must in a battery made up of 6 barrels, 4 oak and two chestnut. It has an intense deep brown color and the typical aromas of this product, hints of wood, fruity, balsamic which have intensity and persistence. The tasting is a duet between acidity and sweetness that stimulates all the taste buds and fills the mouth with a persistence that seems to never end. In recent years the toppings have been made with acetified must produced from grasparossa grapes from old vineyards to maintain the brilliant color over time and accentuate the aromas.

16 years - 100ml.

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